English - Reading
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University of Victoria   Read stories at different levels, and answer different kinds of questions. This is a multi-level site and is well recommended!  
Writing Den   Many interesting topics! Choose from Word (Easy), Sentence (Medium) or Paragraph (Difficult) level.  
News Stories   The California Distance Learning Project is an excellent site where you can read news stories or listen to recorded sound files. Some stories have video. Your computer requires Macromedia Flash Player for the listening files and exercises.  
Story Archives   Many articles with excellent exercises for reading and vocabulary.  
Aesop's Fables   Read famous fables written in both the traditional and modern style. You'll love the pictures!  
City Family Magazine   A family-style magazine written for newcomers!  
Settlement.org   Excellent source of information for newcomers to Ontario.  
City of Ottawa   Find out about services and facilities in Ottawa.  
Citzine   Citizen and Immigration Canada's youth magazine.  
Fables for ESL   Short readings with exercises.  
The Learning Edge   An ESL newspaper with very useful exercises.  
Easy Reading   Fun things to read for beginners.  
Reading Exercises   Two stories with exercises for practice.  
Stories of Nasreddin   Six different stories to read about the famous Nasreddin.  
English Works   Reading exercises to test your ability to understand main ideas, sequencing, and inference.  
Canadian Corner   A site for Canadian ESL students. After you finish an article, click on "This Button" for an exercise.  
American Stories   Read some interesting stories about American history and culture. Then click on "This Button" for an exercise.  
The Bangkok Post   This page will help you read a wide variety of writing styles and topics that appear as feature articles in the Bangkok Post. The lessons include background information, skill-building practice and vocabulary explanations.  
National Geographic Kids News   Exciting information about people, animals, history and science from around the world.  
Kids Newsroom   Click on "Weekly News". Short news articles written in easy English.  
Culture Shock   Read this short essay on culture shock and complete the quizzes.  
Short Stories   Read some famous English short stories and increase your vocabulary.  
Academic Reading   There are 20 reading comprehension practice tests to try.  
National Geographic News   Read the latest discoveries around the planet.  
Advanced Reading   A site that's full of exciting things to read. You will have no problems finding something you like!  
Self-Access.net   A large selection of interactive lessons for advanced students preparing for the IELTS and TOEFL.  
The FCE Trainer   You will find free online reading with excellent activities for practice.  
Sample IELTS Test   Practise the reading component of a sample IELTS Test.  
News & Media
580 CFRA   Short articles and news briefs on the latest news.  
The Ottawa Citizen   Great source of local news.  
The Globe and Mail   Canada's national newspaper will keep you informed.  
BBC   The British Broadcasting Corporation is another world leader in news programs, based in the United Kingdom.  
New York Times for Students   Read regular news articles with vocabulary practice.  Click on "Knowledge Tools" to help you understand the article.  
PBS for Students   Read articles written specifically for students.  
CNN.com   Online news and information delivery from a world leader in news broadcasting.  
Maclean's Magazine   Canada's leading news magazine.  
Today's Parent   Many interesting articles about parenting and families!  
English Aljazeera   News and information based on the Arabic news channel.  
Asia Times   The news from the perspective of Asian countries.  
Reading For Fun
TOPICS   An online magazine for learners of English. Great articles!  
Movie and TV Scripts   Find dialogues from the movies and TV shows you love.  
Comics   Choose from a large selection of comic strips and have fun with English!