William Shatner (Canadian actor) James Cameron (famous director) Kiefer Sutherland (famous actor)
Keanu Reeves (actor) David Cronenberg (director) Leslie Nielson (actor)
John Candy (actor) Norman Jewison (director) Neve Campbell (actress)
Christopher Plummer (actor) Colin Mochrie (actor) Martin Short (actor)
Donald Sutherland (actor) Michael J. Fox (actor)Jack L. Warner (producer)
Matthew Perry (actor) Tom Green (actor)Louis B. Mayer (producer)
Dan Aykroyd (actor) Mike Myers (actor) Bain, Conrad : Actor
Pamela Anderson (actress) Jim Carrey (actor) Bairstow, Scott : Actor


Beach, Adam: Actor Chaykin, Maury: Actor Doohan, James : Actor
Bellows, Gil: Actor Chong, Thomas: Comedian, Actor Dupuis, Roy: Actor
Bennett, Nigel: Actor Colicos, John: Actor Elliott, David James: Actor
Bluteau, Lothaire: Actor Cronyn, Hume: Actor Flatman, Barry: Actor
Bochner, Lloyd: Actor Cruise, Tom: Actor Foley, David: Comedian, Actor
Burr, Raymond: Actor Czerny, Henry: Actor Feore, Colm: Actor
Cariou, Len: Actor Davies, Geraint Wyn: Actor Ford, Glenn: Actor
Carson, Jack: Actor Davis, William B.: Actor Fraser, Brendan: Actor
Massey, Raymond: Actor   Francks, Don: Actor

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