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Argot Language Centre: Customized Training

We can evaluate the fluency in French or English of a new recruit or a fresh prospect who will complement your team and then determine how much it costs your corporation to bring their linguistic skills up to your standards.

    At Argot Language Centre our main objective is to offer English and French language training to organizations and companies to improve or enhance their employees' language skills.

     The importance of communicating effectively in today’s business environment can be the difference between obtaining new clients or potentially losing them.  We offer all levels of English and French instruction from low beginning through high advanced. We have experienced, dedicated and caring teachers who teach English and French as a Second Language in a friendly and safe learning environment.   

     Argot Language Centre stands out among other language institutes not only because of the low rates and high instruction quality but also because we work closely with companies and organizations to meet their requirements and schedules.  We do this in a variety of ways: we bring the teacher to you, to help minimize the daily strain on employees' schedules. We also offer one-on-one-tutoring, group training, and we establish a location convenient to you to minimize employees' travel time.

     With technology today, Argot Language Centre students have the opportunity to enhance their studies through our website. Our website provides language exercises in different levels to help improve clients' linguistic skills. Even after they have completed our classes, they have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and questions with our professors on-line. 

      Some of the advantages of our customized language training program:

  • We offer better quality and lower prices than our major competitors.
  • Your training takes place on your site at the times you request.
  • We evaluate all students and meet with managers to understand the needs of the company and the students!
  • We create a curriculum that meets the English or French Second Language (ESL/FSL) needs and goals of your company.
  • All of our instructors are qualified ESL/FSL teachers with long experience and formal education in the language of instruction.
  • For the training to be effective, we request no more than 10 students per class.
  • We maintain contact with you and managers throughout the training. Training works best when managers continually give us feedback about the students.
  • Individual tutoring is available.
  • You can stop or resume the training at any time you wish based on your company’s workload.
  • As a bonus, for a limited time, we offer free evaluation, whether or not you sign a contract.

     If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 



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