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Read about famous Canadians. Improve your vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. and learn more about Canada.



William Shatner (actor) James Cameron (director) Kiefer Sutherland (actor)    
Keanu Reeves (actor) David Cronenberg (director) Leslie Nielson (actor)    
John Candy (actor) Norman Jewison (director) Neve Campbell (actress)    
Christopher Plummer (actor) Colin Mochrie (actor) Martin Short (actor)    
Donald Sutherland (actor) Michael J. Fox (actor) Jack L. Warner (producer)    
Matthew Perry (actor) Tom Green (actor) Louis B. Mayer (producer)    
Dan Aykroyd (actor) Mike Myers (actor)      
Pamela Anderson (actress) Jim Carrey (actor)      


Celine Dion

Nelly Furtado

Shania Twain

Bryan Adams

Great Big Sea

Sarah McLachlan

Avril Lavigne

Neil Young

Leonard Cohen

Tom Cochrane

Diana Krall

Anne Murray

The Tragically Hip

Susan Aglukark

Stompin' Tom Connors

Mary Jane Lamond

k.d. lang

Loreena McKennitt


Robbie Robertson

Roch Voisine

Ian Tyson

Michael Bublé

Gordon Lightfoot

Alanis Morissette



Margaret Atwood Alice Munro Saul Bellow Rohinton Mistry
Morley Callaghan Lucy Maud Montgomery Northrop Frye Yann Martel
Stephen Leacock Michael Ondaatje Mavis Gallant Margaret Lawrence
Farley Mowat Mordecai Richler Carol Shields Douglas Coupland
Alistair Macleod Ann-Marie Macdonald W.O. Mitchell Robertson Davies


Alexander Graham Bell (phone) Charles Herbert Best (Insulin) James Gosling (Java)
James Naismith (basketball) Frederick G. Banting (Insulin) Elijah McCoy (lawn sprinkler)
Gideon Sundback (zipper) Al Gross (Walkie-Talkie) David Suzuki


Marc Garneau Roberta Bondar  Robert Borden  
Elizabeth Arden Bobby Orr    
Linda Evangelista Tommy Douglas    
Louis Riel Pierre Elliot Trudeau    


                  Detailed List of Famous Canadians



Aitken, William Maxwell : Publisher, Politician. Newspaper Magnate
Black, Conrad: Publisher (owns newspapers worldwide, including London's Daily Telegraph)
Bombardier, Joseph-Armand : Engineer, Businessman (invented the Ski-doo)
Bronfman Family : Business Dynasty (own Seagram Co. and Universal Studios)
Campeau, Robert : Financier (former owner of Bloomingdales)
Cooke, Jack Kent : (owns the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Daily News)
Cunard, Sir Samuel : Businessman (founder of Cunard shipping line)
Eaton, Cyrus : Industrialist (co-founder of the Pugwash Conferences)
Eaton Family : (owned Eaton's department store)
Ebbers, Bernard : Businessman (CEO of WorldCom)
Hill, James J .: Businessman (built the Great Northern Railroad)
Mayer, Louis B .: Studio Executive, Producer (co-founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Pearson, Lester B .: Politician, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Reichman Brothers : Real Estate Developers (Canary Wharf project in London)
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott : Politician (former Prime Minister)
Warner, Jack : Studio Executive, Producer (co-founder of Warner Bros.)
Copland, Mike : (founder of Corel)
Drabinsky, Garth : Entertainment Mogul
Irving, K.C .: Industrialist (founder of Irving Holdings)
Znaimer, Moses : TV Mogul


Anderson, Pamela : Actress ("Baywatch", "Barb Wire", "VIP")
Augustyn, Frank : Ballet Dancer
Aykroyd, Dan : Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live", "The Blues Brothers")
Bain, Conrad : Actor ("Diff'rent Strokes", "Maude")
Bairstow, Scott : Actor ("Lonesome Dove: The Series")
Beach, Adam : Actor ("Windtalkers"; Smoke Signals"; "Dance Me Outside")
Bellows, Gil - Actor ("Ally McBeal", "The Assistant")
Bennett, Nigel : Actor ("Forever Knight")
Blanchard, Rachel : Actress ("Clueless")
Bluteau, Lothaire : Actor ("Jesus of Montreal", "Black Robe")
Bochner, Lloyd : Actor ("Dynasty", "Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear")
Brown, Blair : Actress ("The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd", "The Choirboys")
Bujold, Genevieve : Actress ("Anne of a Thousand Days", "Dead Ringers", "Coma")
Burr, Raymond : Actor ("Perry Mason", "Ironside")
Burroughs, Jackie : Actress ("The Grey Fox", "John and the Missus", "Anne of Green Gables")
Campbell, Neve : Actress ("Party of Five", "Scream")
Candy, John : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV", "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", "Uncle Buck")
Cardinal, Tantoo : Actress ("Black Robe", "Dances with Wolves", "Legends of the Fall")
Cariou, Len : Actor ("A Little Night Music")
Carrey, Jim : Comedian, Actor ("The Mask", "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", "The Truman Show", "Cable Guy", "Man in the Moon", "In Living Color")
Carson, Jack : Actor ("Mildred Pierce", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof")
Cattrall, Kim : Actress ("Star Trek VI, Sex and the City", "Outer Limits")
Chaykin, Maury : Actor ("Dances with Wolves", "Whale Music", "Buried on Sunday")
Chong, Thomas : Comedian, Actor (Cheech and Chong, "McHale's Navy")
Clark, Susan : Actress ("Webster", "Amelia Earhart", "Babe")
Colicos, John : Actor ("Anne of a Thousand Days", "The Postman Always Rings Twice", "Star Trek", "Battlestar Galactica")
Coombs, Ernie : Children's TV Show Host ("Mr. Dressup")
Crewson, Wendy : Actress ("Getting Married in Buffalo Jump", "The Doctor")
Cronyn, Hume : Actor ("Shadow of a Doubt", "Sunrise at Campobello", "Cocoon")
Cruise, Tom : Actor ("Rainman", "Far and Away", "Interview With A Vampire", "The Firm", "M:I2") 
Czerny, Henry : Actor ("The Ice Storm", "When Night is Falling, "Clear and Present Danger", "The Boys of St. Vencent")
Davies, Geraint Wyn : Actor ("Forever Knight")
Davis, William B. : Actor ("X-files")
De Carlo, Yvonne : Actress ("The Munsters", "Salome, Where She Danced")
Dewhurst, Colleen : Actress ("Anne of Green Gables", "Murphy Brown", "Annie Hall")
Dionne Quintuplets : (first quintuplets known to have survived infancy, appeared in three films, featured for public viewing in a theme park called Quintland)
Doohan, James : Actor ("Star Trek")
Douglas, Shirley : Actress ("Lolita", "The Wars", "Wind at my Back")
Dressler, Marie : Actress, Comedienne ("Tillie's Punctured Romance", "Anna Christie", "Min and Bill", "Dinner at Eight")
Dupuis, Roy : Actor ("Jesus of Montreal")
Durbin, Deanna : Actress ("Three Smart Girls", "That Certain Age")
Elliott, David James : Actor ("Melrose Place", "JAG")
Evangelista, Linda : Super Model
Flatman, Barry : Actor ("Open Season," "The Cutting Edge")
Foley, David : Comedian, Actor ("Kids in the Hall", "News Radio")
Follows, Megan : Actress ("Anne of Green Gables")
Ford, Glenn : Actor ("Gilda", "The Big Heat", "The Blackboard Jungle")
Fox, Michael J. : Actor ("Back to the Future", "Family Ties", "Spin City")
Francks, Don : Actor ("Dinner at Fred's", "Harriet the Spy")
Fraser, Brendan : Actor ("Gods and Monsters", "The Mummy", "With Honours", "George of the Jungle")
Frewer, Matt : Actor (played "Max Headroom", "Doctor, Doctor", "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", "Star Trek: The Next Generation")Frid, Jonathan : Actor ("Dark Shadows")
Garber, Victor : Broadway, Film and TV Actor ("Titanic")
George, Chief Dan : Actor ("Little Big Man", "The Outlaw Josey Wales")
Gerussi, Bruno : Actor ("Beachcombers", "The Hitman")
Greene, Graham : Actor ("Dances with Wolves")
Greene, Lorne : Actor ("Bonanza", "Battlestar Galactica")
Greenwood, Bruce : Actor ("Exotica", "St. Elsewhere", "Nowhere Man")
Griffiths, Linda : Actress, Writer ("Maggie and Pierre", "Reno and the Doc")
Gross, Paul : Actor ("Due South", "Buried on Sunday")
Haim, Corey : Actor ("The Lost Boys", "Snowboard Academy")   
Hall, Monty : Game Show Host ("Let's Make A Deal")
Harron, Don : Actor, Comedian ("Hee Haw"), Author (a.k.a.: Charlie Farquharson)
Hartman, Phil : Actor, Comedian ("Saturday Night Live", "News Radio", "The Simpsons" [voice])
Hennessy, Jill : Actress ("Law and Order", Crossing Jordan")
Henning, Doug : Magician
Henstridge, Natasha : Actress ("Species")
Hill, Arthur : Actor ("The Andromeda Strain", "A Bridge Too Far")
Huston, Walter : Actor ("The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", "Dodsworth", "The Devil and Daniel Webster")
Hyslop, Jeff : Actor ("The Wars")
Ireland, John : Actor ("All the King's Men", "Spartacus")
Ironside, Michael : Actor ("Scanners", "Top Gun", "Total Recall")
Ito, Robert : Actor ("Quincy")
Jackson, Joshua : Actor ("Dawson's Creek", "Cruel Intentions")
Jackson, Tom : Actor, Musician ("North of 60", "The Diviners")
Jacobi, Lou : Actor ("Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex ...", "I.Q.")
Johansson, Paul : Actor ("Lonesome Dove", "Beverley Hills 90210")
Kain, Karen : Ballet Dancer
Keeler, Ruby : Actress, Singer, Tap Dancer ("42nd Street", "Dames")
Kidder, Margot : Actress. ("Superman")
Kirshner, Mia: Actress ("Exotica", "Love and Human Remains", "Mad City", "Anna Karenina")
Kuzyk, Mimi : Actress ("Hill Street Blues", "L.A. Law")
Laure, Carole : Actress ("Get Out Your Hankerchiefs", "La T?te de Normande St-Onge")
Le Cirque du Soleil : Avant Garde Circus
Levy, Eugene : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV")
Lillie, Beatrice : Actress ("Exit Smiling", "On Approval", "Thoroughly Modern Millie")
Linkletter, Art: Television Show Host, Author, Radio Broadcaster ("Kids Say the Darndest Things")
Little, Rich : Impressionist.
Lockhart, Gene: Actor ("Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "The Devil and Daniel Webster", "His Girl Friday", "Algiers")
MacDonald, Norm : Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live", "Norm")
MacInnes, Angus : Actor ("Judge Dredd", "Witness")
Mandel, Howie : Comedian, Actor ("St. Elsewhere")
Martin, Andrea : Comedienne, Actress ("SCTV", "Star Trek: DS9")
Manners, David : Actor, Author ("Dracula" (1930), "The Mummy")
Massey, Raymond : Actor ("Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "East of Eden", "The Naked and the Dead")
Maxwell, Lois : Actress (played Moneypenny in the James Bond movies)
McCarthy, Sheila : Actress ("I've Heard the Mermaids Singing", "Die Hard 2", "Beautiful Dreamers")
McCormack, Eric : Actor ("Will & Grace", "Street Justice")
McCulloch, Bruce : Comedian ("Kids in the Hall")
McDonald, Kevin : Actor, Comedian ("Kids in the Hall", "That 70's Show")
McKellar, Don : Actor, Writer ("Roadkill", "The Red Violin", "Last Night", "Twitch City")
McKinney, Mark : Comedian ("Kids in the Hall", "Saturday Night Live")
McLerie, Allyn : Actress, Singer, Dancer ("The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd")
Montgomery, Belinda J. : Actress ("The Man From Atlantis", "Doogie Howser MD")
Moranis, Rick : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV", "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")
Morgenstern , Stephanie: Actress, Filmmaker ""The Sweet Hereafter", "P.T. Barnum")
Morse, Barry : Actor ("The Fugitive", "Space 1999")
Moss, Carrie-Anne : Actress ("The Matrix", "Memento")
Myers, Mike : Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live", "Wayne's World", "Austin Powers")
Nelligan, Kate : Actress ("The Prince of Tides", "Fatal Instinct")
Neville, John : Actor ("The Adventures of Baron Munchausen")
Nielsen, Leslie : Actor ("The Naked Gun", "Forbidden Planet")
Oh, Sandra : Actress ("Double Happiness", "The Red Violin", "Last Night")
O'Hara, Catherine : Actress ("SCTV" "Beetlejuice", "Home Alone")
Ontkean, Michael : Actor ("The Rookies", "Twin Peaks")
Paquin, Anna : Actress ("The Piano", "Jane Eyre", "Amistad", "X-Men")
Parker, Molly : Actress ("Kissed", "Twitch City", "Sunshine")
Perry, Matthew : Actor ("Friends")
Pickford, Mary : Actress ("Little Lord Fauntleroy", "Coquette", known as "America's Sweetheart")
Pidgeon, Walter : Actor ("How Green Was My Valley", "Forbidden Planet")
Pinsent, Gordon : Actor, Writer ("The Rowdy Man", "Who has Seen the Wind?", "John and the Missus", "Due South")
Plummer, Christopher: Actor ("The Sound of Music", "Star Trek VI")
Podemski, Tamara : Actress ("Rent" on Broadway; "The Rez")
Polley, Sarah : Actress ("Anne of Green Gables, "Exotica", "The Sweet Hereafter", "Go")
Potter, Chris : Actor ("Kung Fu: The Legend Continues")
Priestley, Jason : Actor ("Beverly Hills 90210")
Progosh, Tim : Actor ("Back in Action", "Adventures of Sinbad")
Qualen, John: Actor ("Casablanca", "The Devil and Daniel Webster", "The Searchers", "Anatomy of a Murder")
Reeves, Keanu : Actor ("Johnny Mnemonic", "Speed", "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure")
Reid, Kate : Actress ("Dallas", "Bye Bye Blues", "The Andromeda Strain", "A Delicate Balance")
Regehr, Duncan : Actor ("Zorro", "The Legend of Errol Flynn")
Rennie, Callum Keith : Actor ("Double Happiness", "Last Night")
Reuben, Gloria : Actress ("ER")
Rhodes, Donnelly : Actor ("Soap", "Danger Bay", "The Young and the Restless")
Robertson, Kathleen : Actress ("Beverly Hills 90210")
Rubinek, Saul : Actor ("Unforgiven", "The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick", "Star Trek: The Next Generation")
Russell, Harold : Actor ("The Best Years of Our Lives")
Ryan, Thomas Jay : Actor ("Henry Fool")
Sarrazin, Michael : Actor ("They Shoot Horses Don't They?", "Joshua Then and Now")
Sawa, Devon : Actor ("Caspar")
Schellenberg, August : Actor ("Free Willy", "Black Robe")
Schnarre, Monika : Actress, Model ("The Bold and the Beautiful")
Sennett, Mack : Director, Comedian, Actor, Producer ("Tillie's Punctured Romance")
Shatner, William : Actor ("Star Trek")
Shaver, Helen : Actress ("Who has Seen the Wind?", "Desert Hearts")
Shearer, Douglas : Sound recording pioneer (won 13 Oscars)
Shearer, Norma : Actress ("The Divorcee", "The Barretts of Wimpole Street")
Short, Martin : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV", "Saturday Night Live", "Clifford", "Captain Ron", "Three Amigos")
Shuster, Frank : Comedian ("Wayne and Shuster", "Ed Sullivan Show")
Silverheels, Jay : Actor ("The Lone Ranger", "Key Largo")
Singer, Marc : Actor ("V", "Beastmaster")
Smith, Alexis : Actress ("The Constant Nymph", "Rhapsody in Blue", "Of Human Bondage")
Soles, Paul : original voice of Spiderman
Steen, Jessica : Actress ("Armageddon", "Trial and Error")
Steinberg, David : Comedian, Actor, Director ("Designing Women")
Stratton, Dorothy : Actress ("Star 80")
Sutherland, Donald : Actor ("M*A*S*H", "Klute", "Ordinary People", "Eye of the Needle", "Bethune")
Sutherland, Kiefer : Actor, Director ("The Bay Boy", "Stand By Me", "A Few Good Men", "Flatliners")
Tennant, Veronica : Ballet Dancer
Thicke, Alan : Actor, Talk Show Host ("Hope and Gloria", "The Alan Thicke Show", "Growing Pains")
Thomas, Dave : Actor, Comedian ("SCTV", "Strange Brew", "Grace Under Fire")
Thompson, R.H. : Actor ("Road to Avonlea", "Moonlighting")
Thompson, Scott : Comedian ("Kids in the Hall")
Tilly, Jennifer : Actress ("Bullets Over Broadway")
Tilly, Meg : Actress ("The Big Chill", "Agnes of God")
Trebek, Alex : Game Show Host ("Jeopardy")
Tweed, Shannon : Actress ("Falcon Crest")
Unger, Deborah : Actress ("Crash", The Hurricane")
Vernon, John : Actor ("Animal House", "Dirty Harry")
Waxman, Al : Actor ("Cagney and Lacey", "King of Kensington")
Wayne, Johnny : Comedian ("Wayne and Shuster", "Ed Sullivan Show")
Welsh, Kenneth : Actor ("Twin Peaks", "Whale Music", "Legends of the Fall")
Wincott, Jeff : Actor ("Night Heat")
Wincott, Michael : Actor ("The Crow", "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves", "1492, Conquest of Paradise")
Wiseman, Joseph : Actor ("The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Dr. No")
Wray, Fay: Actress ("King Kong")
Zegers, Kevin : Actor ("Traders", "Air Bud")


Adams, Bryan : Musician ("Cuts Like a Knife", "Everything I Do, I Do It For You")
Great Big Sea : Newfoundland, Traditional & Contemporary ("Ordinary Day"; "Consequence Free"; "Feel It Turn")
Anka, Paul : Musician ("Diana", "My Way", "The Tonight Show Theme") 
Bachman-Turner-Overdrive: Band ("Let It Ride", "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet")
Barenaked Ladies : Band ("If I Had $1,000,000", "Be My Yoko Ono")
Cockburn, Bruce : Musician ("Wondering Where the Lions Are", "If I Had a Rocket Launcher")
Cohen, Leonard : Author, Musician ("Suzanne", "Beautiful Losers")
The Crash Test Dummies : Band ("God Shuffled His Feet", "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm", "The Superman Song")
Dion, Celine : Singer ("Beauty and the Beast", "The Heart Will Go On")
Eagle and Hawk : Contemporary Native Music ("Indian City")
Furtado, Nelly : Pop Vocalist ("I'm Like a Bird"; "Turn Out the Lights")
Ferguson, Maynard : Jazz Trumpeter ("Gonna Fly Now")
Gould, Glenn : Classical Pianist ("Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould")
Goulet, Robert : Singer, Actor
The Guess Who : Band ("American Woman")
Healey, Jeff : Musician ("Angel Eyes", "Confidence Man")
Diana Krall : Jazz
lang, k.d .: Musician ("Absolute Torch and Twang", "Ingenue")
Lanois, Daniel : Producer, Musician ("Acadie", produced U2 and Bob Dylan)
Leach, George : Jazz Guitarist and Vocalist
Lightfoot, Gordon : Musician ("Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", "If You Could Read My Mind")
Lombardo, Guy : Musician, Band Leader
MacIsaac, Ashley : Musician ("Hi, How Are You Today?")
McKennitt, Loreena : Musician ("The Mask and Mirror", "The Book Of Secrets")
McLachlan, Sarah : Musician ("Fumbling Towards Ecstasy", "Building a Mystery", "Into the Fire")
Morissette, Alanis : Musician ("You Oughta Know", "Jagged Little Pill")
Murray, Anne : Musician ("Snowbird", "You Needed Me")
Parker, Jon Kimura : Classical Concert Pianist
Peterson, Oscar : Jazz Pianist
Rogers, Stan : Folk Musician ("Barret's Privateers", "45 Years", "The Mary Ellen Carter") 
Rush: Band ("The Spirit of Radio", "Tom Sawyer")
Sainte-Marie, Buffy : Musician, Actress ("Universal Soldier", "Summer Boy")
Shaffer, Paul : Musician ("The Late Show with David Letterman")
Skinny Puppy : Band ("Addiction", "Stairs and Flowers")
Stratas, Teresa : Opera Singer
Twain, Shania : Musician ("The Woman In Me", "Any Man of Mine", "Man! I Fell Like a Woman")
The Tragically Hip : Band ("New Orleans is Sinking")
Neil Young : Musician (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, "Heart of Gold", "Southern Man", "Powderfinger")
Blue Rodeo : Band ("Til I Am Myself Again", "Trust Yourself", "Five Days in May", "Somebody Waits")
Cochrane, Tom : Musician ("Paper Tigers")
Connors, Stompin Tom : Musician ("Sudbury Saturday Night")
Forrester, Maureen : Opera Singer (Contralto)
Foster, David : Keyboardist, Composer, Producer
Great Big Sea : Band ("Run, Run Away", "Consequence Free", "When I'm Up") 
Heppner, Ben : Opera Singer (Tenor)
Jones, Oliver : Jazz Pianist
MacNeil, Rita : Singer
Men Without Hats : Band ("Safety Dance")
Our Lady Peace : Band ("Naveed", "Superman's Dead")
Sanborn, David : Musician. R&B/Jazz (Eagles, "The Late Show With David Letterman")
Sexsmith, Ron : Musician
Steppenwolf: Band ("Born to be Wild") 
Vickers, Jon: Opera Singer (Tenor)


Allen, John F .: Physicist (co-discovered superfluidity)
Altman, Sidney : (1989 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Anderson, John R.: (received the 1995 American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award)
Avery, Oswald : Physician, Bacteriologist (discovered that DNA carries genetic information)
Banting, Frederick : (1923 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, co-discovered insulin)
Brockhouse, Bertram : (1994 Nobel Prize winner in Physics)
Best, Charles : (co-discovered insulin)
Coxeter, H.S.M .: Mathematician
Fields, J.C .: Mathematician (founded the Fields Medal)
Fleming, Sanford : Engineer (inventor of standard time zones)
Giauque, William Francis : (1949 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)
Gosling, James : Computer Programmer (inventor of Java)
Herzberg, Gerhard : (1971 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Hubel, David : (1981 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine)
Kernighan, Brian : Author, Programmer ("The C Programming Language", co-invented AWK)
Logan, Sir William : Geologist (founded the Geological Survey of Canada)
Marcus, Rudolph : (1992 Nobel Prize winner in Chemisty)
Osler, Sir William : Physician
Penfield, Wilder : Neurosurgeon (discovered electrical stimulation of the brain)
Polanyi, John : (1986 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Schawlow, Arthur : (1981 Nobel Prize winner in Physics for lasers)
Scholes, Myron : (1997 Nobel Prize winner in Economics)
Smith, Michael : (1993 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Suzuki, David : Geneticist, Broadcaster ("The Nature of Things")
Taube, Henry : (1983 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Taylor, Richard : (1990 Nobel Prize winner in Physics)
Vickrey, William : (1996 Nobel Prize winner in Economics)
Wilson, Tuzo: Geophysicist (plate tectonics)


Bondar, Roberta
Garneau, Marc
Hadfield, Chris
McKay, Michael
MacLean, Steven
Payette, Julie
Thirsk, Robert
Tryggvason, Bjarni
Williams, Daffyd


Bailey, Donovan : Runner (Gold Medal at 1996 Summer Olympics, formerly the world's fastest man)
Bell, Marilyn : Swimmer
Browning, Kurt : Champion Figure Skater
Chuvalo, George : Boxer
Cranston, Toller : Figure Skater
Dryden, Ken : Hockey (Goalie)
Fox, Terry : para-athlete (annual Terry Fox Run charity fund raiser)
Gretzky, Wayne : Hockey player (highest scorer in history)
Goodyear, Scott : IndyCar driver
Hanlan, Ned : Champion Rower
Hansen, Rick : Para-althete ("Man in Motion")
Howe, Gordie : Hockey player (second highest scorer in history)
Jenkins, Ferguson : Baseball player (Hall of Fame pitcher)
Johnson, Ben : Runner
Lafleur, Guy : Hockey player
Lemieux, Mario : Hockey player
Moore, Greg : IndyCar driver
Nagurski, Bronko : Football player (Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Naismith, James : Physical Education teacher (invented basketball)
Orr, Bobby : Hockey player
Orser, Brian : Figure skater
Roy, Patrick : Hockey player
Slocum, Joshua : Sailor (first man to sail solo around the world)
Stoyko, Elvis : Figure skater
Thorburn, Cliff : Snooker Champion
Tracy, Paul : IndyCar driver
Villeneuve, Gilles : Formula One driver
Villeneuve, Jacques : IndyCar driver (1995 Indy 500 winner, 1997 Formula One World Champion)
Walker, Larry : Baseball player
Zimmerman, Jeff : Baseball player

Bateman, Robert: Painter
Borduas, Paul-Emile: Painter, Author
Bush, Jack : Painter
Cardinal, Douglas: Architect (Canadian Museum of Civilization, Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian)
Carmichael, Frank: Painter
Carr, Emily: Painter, Writer
Colville, Alex: Painter
Davidson, Robert : Traditional Haida Sculpture
Gehry, Frank: Architect (Guggenheim museum at Bilbao)
Group of Seven: official group of associated naturist painters (founded the Canadian art movement or "school")
Harris, Lawren: Painter
Jackson, A.Y.: Painter
Johnston, Frank H.: Painter
Johnston, Lynn: Cartoonist ("For Better of For Worse")
Karsh, Yousuf : Photographer
Lismer, Arthur: Painter
MacDonald, James: Painter
MacKenzie, Robert Tait: Sculptor
McLaren, Norman: Animator
Shuster, Brian: Cartoonist ("Chaos")
Shuster, Joe: created Superman
Snow, Michael: Painter, Sculptor, Filmmaker
Thomson, Tom: Painter
Varley, Frederick: Painter


Atwood, Margaret: Author ("The Handmaid's Tale", "Bodily Harm", "The Robber Bride")
Bantock, Nick: Author, Illustrator ("Griffin & Sabine")
Bellow, Saul: Author, Nobel laureate ("The Adventures of Augie March", "Humbolt's Gift")
Berton, Pierre: Author ("Klondike", "The National Dream", "The Last Spike")
Carrier, Roch: Author ("La Guerre, Yes Sir!")
Cohen, Leonard: Author, Musician ("Suzanne", "Beautiful Losers")
Coupland, Douglas: Author ("Generation X", "Microserfs")
Davies, Robertson: Author ("Fifth Business", "Rebel Angels", "The Cunning Man")
Findley, Timothy: Author ("Not Wanted on the Voyage", "The Wars")
Galbraith, John Kenneth: Economist, Author
Gibson, William: Author ("Neuromancer", "Johnny Mnemonic")
Hébert, Anne: Author ("Kamouraska", "H?loise")
Kinsella, W.P.: Author ("Shoeless Joe" - a.k.a. "Field of Dreams")
Laurence, Margaret: Author ("The Diviners", "The Stone Angel")
Leacock, Stephen: Author, Humourist ("Literary Lapses")
Lowry, Malcolm: Author ("Under the Volcano")
McCrae, John: Poet, Physician ("In Flanders Fields")
McLuhan, Marshall: Media Theorist, Author
Maillet, Antonine: Author ("Pelagie-la-Charrette", "La Sagouine")
Mitchell, W. O.: Author ("Who Has Seen the Wind", "Jake and the Kid")
Montgomery, Lucy Maude: Author ("Anne of Green Gables")
Moore, Brian: Author ("The Luck of Ginger Coffey", "Black Robe")
Mowat, Farley: Author ("Never Cry Wolf")
Munro, Alice: Author ("The Progress of Love", "The Moons of Jupiter", "Lives of Girls and Women")
Ondaatje, Michael: Author ("Coming Through Slaughter", "The English Patient")
Richler, Mordecai: Author ("The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Joshua Then and Now")
Roy, Gabrielle: Author ("Bonheur d'Occasion")
Service, Robert W.: Author ("The Shooting of Dan McGrew", "The Cremation of Sam McGee", "Songs of a Sourdough")
Shields, Carol: Author, Pulitzer Prize winner ("The Stone Diaries")
Smart, Elizabeth: Author ("By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept")
Tremblay, Michel: Playwright ("Sainte Carmen of the Main")
Birney, Alfred: Author
Burnford, Sheila : Author ("The Incredible Journey")
Gallant, Mavis: Author ("The Wandering Jews", "A Fairly Good Time", "The Other Paris")
Gordon, Charles William: Author
Grove, Frederick: Author
Harron, Don: Actor, Comedian, Author (a.k.a.: Charlie Farquharson)
Ignatieff, Michael: Author ("Scar Tissue", "The Russian Album", The Rights Revolution")
Layton, Irving Peter: Author
MacLennan, Hugh: Author
MacNeil, Robert: Journalist, Author. "The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour", "The Story of English", "Wordstruck"
Oke, Janette: Author
Pelton, Robert Young: Author ("The World's Most Dangerous Places")
Peter, Laurence J.: Author, Educator
Poulin, Jacques: Author ("Faites de beaux r?ves", "Les Grandes Mar?es")
Purdy, Alfred: Author
Quarrington, Paul: Author ("Whale Music")
Raddall, Thomas Head: Author
Sawyer, Robert J.: Author ("Golden Fleece, "The Terminal Experiment", "Starplex", "Frameshift")
Vanderhaeghe, Guy Clarence: Author
Watmough, David: Author 


Arcand, Denys: Director ("The Decline of the American Empire", "Jesus of Montreal", "Love and Human Remains")
Cameron, James: Director ("True Lies", "The Terminator", "Aliens", "Titanic")
Cronenberg, David: Director, Writer ("The Fly", "Dead Ringers", "Naked Lunch", "M. Butterfly")
Dmytryk, Edward: Director ("Crossfire", "The Sniper", "The Caine Munity", "Murder, My Sweet")
Dunning, George: Animator, Director ("Yellow Submarine")
Egoyan, Atom: Director ("Exotica", "The Adjuster", "The Sweet Hereafter")
Hiller, Arthur: Director ("The Americanization of Emily", "Love Story")
Jewison, Norman: Director ("Fiddler on the Roof", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Agnes of God", "The Cincinnati Kid")
Jutra, Claude: Director ("Mon Oncle Antoine")
Kotcheff, Ted: Director ("Weekend at Bernie's", "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Joshua Then and Now", "Fun with Dick and Jane")
Lepage, Robert: Theatre and Film Director ("Le Confessional")
Mayer, Louis B.: Studio Executive, Producer (co-founded Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Michaels, Lorne: Producer, Writer ("Saturday Night Live")
McDonald, Bruce: Director, Writer ("Roadkill", "Highway 61", "Dance Me Outside")
Moyle, Allan: Director, Writer ("Pump Up the Volume")
Petrie, Daniel: Director ("A Raisin in the Sun", "The Bay Boy")
Reitman, Ivan: Director, Producer ("Meatballs", "Stripes", "Ghostbusters")
Rozema, Patricia: Director ("I've Heard the Mermaids Singing", "When Night is Falling")
Sennett, Mack: Director, Comedian, Actor, Producer ("The Keystone Kops", "Tillie's Punctured Romance")
Warner, Jack: Studio Executive, Producer (co-founded Warner Bros.)
Wheeler, Anne: Director ("Bye Bye Blues", "The Diviners")
Carle, Gilles: Director ("La T?te de Normande St-Onge")
King, Allan: Director ("Who Has Seen the Wind")
Maddin, Guy: Director ("Tales from the Gimli Hospital")
Olcott, Sidney: Director ("Ben-Hur", "Monsieur Beaucaire")
Saltzman, Harry: Producer (the James Bond movies, "Look Back in Anger")
Shannon, Kathleen: Director, Producer ("If You Love this Planet", "Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography")


Jennings, Peter: ("ABC World News Tonight")
Kent, Arthur: (CNN)
MacNeil, Robert: Journalist, Author ("The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour", "The Story of English", "Wordstruck")
Morrison, Kieth: (NBC "Dateline")
Safer, Morley: ("60 Minutes")
Assuras, Thalia: (ABC News)
Berger, Nadine: (CBS News)
Newman, Kevin: (ABC News, "Good Morning America Sunday")
Roberts, John: (CBS Evening News)
Soles, Linden: (CNN) 


Barker, William: World War I fighter pilot (took on 60 enemy planes at once)
Bethune, Norman : Doctor (hero of the Chinese revolution)
Bishop, Billy: World War I fighter pilot (shot down 72 enemy planes)
Brown, Roy: World War I fighter pilot (shot down the Red Baron)
Stephenson, Sir William: World War II Spy

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