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 Welcome To Argot's FREE Online French (FSL) Resource Centre

FSL stands for French as a Second Language (or FLS in French - Français Langue Seconde). It is also called Core French, French as a Foreign Language (FFL) or Français Langue Étrangère (FLE).

  Resource Lists

The following sites contain inventories of other web sites for learning and teaching French:

Resources for Students and Teachers of French

Wanna Learn

French at about.com

French on Yahoo

TennesseeBob's French Links

Yale University Selected Resources on French

  Reference Tools

Bilingual Dictionary

French-English English-French Dictionary


Free Translation

Free Instant Translation from English to French and vice versa


Dictionnaires spécialisés francais

Subject specific dictionaries. Medical, engineering, business, etc.


  Free Lessons

Free French Lessons

French Assistant

French Tutorial.com



French Grammar Central


Lexique FLE

BASIC LEVEL:  Ce site s'adresse aux étudiants de français langue étrangère. Vous découvrirez le vocabulaire en cliquant sur des images. A chaque mot est associé le son afin de faciliter la prononciation des apprenants. Un exercice vous est ensuite proposé sur le même thème.



ADVANCED LEVEL: Intensif provides a series of exercises in French as a Foreign Language on Internet. This web site is mainly in French. These exercises are designed for advanced students.


The Compleat Lexical Tutor

How many French words do you know? Try the `Test your word level' to find out and afterwards it would probably be a good idea to learn some new ones by clicking on `Learn with linked lists' There are many other possibilities on this page to improve your French.

  French Newsgroups

Joining a newsgroup could be a good way of learning French with the help of other learners.

French-Letter · The French Newsletter








  French Textbooks Online

Student Web pages of French textbooks


Entre amis

Mais Oui!





  Fun with French


(Uses the Flash 6 plug-in available free) One day by the lake, little Tibao found Little Big Baobab, a
huge baobab filled with surprises, great stories, fun games and lots of great activities.

The French Chatbot

On this site you will find a program which can chat with you.


  French Culture

Culture Quiz

Thirty Questions and answers in English about things to do and not to do when in France.


Other French Pages on this Website:

French Lesson 1 Vocabulary
French Vocabulary with Pronunciation

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