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  • TESL Ottawa CCS is a not for profit, charitable organization dedicated to consistently high standards for learning resources. TESOL Online: the web site of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc., an international association dedicated to the effective teaching of English worldwide.
ESL Projects The site provides clear instructions and rubric evaluations on how to do the webquest projects. Students are evaluated for the three stages: the workfile, the written work and the oral presentation. Team spirit, decision making and cooperation are skills developed along side ESL learning., through its numerous contacts in the educational field, is able to offer you free educational software packages. Supplies are limited though we're constantly adding new titles. The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks strives to increase the coherence and effectiveness of language instruction for newcomers to Canada by developing and promoting the Canadian Language Benchmarks as a comprehensive national assessement system, so they can become full participants in all aspects of Canadian society. EDGO-TAGO This organization assists educators, parents, students, and other community members directly involved in gifted education in Ontario, Canada. The Annotated Bibliography of LINC/ESL Computer Resources with CLBA ratings provides information for LINC and ESL programs, as well as reference materials that support the use of technology. This bibliography includes reviews of ESL software and web sites, as well as a guide to technology planning, and a glossary of computer-related terms. NALD is an organization which provides culturally relevant resources and services for practitioners in adult literacy and language training. Services include a comprehensive collection of thousands of resource materials, including manuals and links across Canada and more. The Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA) is a task-based assessment tool designed to determine the English as a Second Language proficiency of adults. It consists of assessment tools for speaking/listening, reading, and writing. Click here to see descriptors of some of the benchmarks. Centre for Language Training and Assessment "English School Watch" Citizenship & Immigration Canada
Newcomer's Introduction to Canada is a book about Canada and Canadians. It explains what your new country and its people are like, and how Canadians live. It tells you what to expect when you move here, and how to adapt comfortably to your new home.
A Look at Canada is produced for the use of persons applying for Canadian citizenship. This book may be reproduced in whole or in part for any non-commercial purpose relating to citizenship education.
Cultural Profile Project, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, provides overviews of various profiled countries. Citzine (pronounced SIT-ZEEN) is a web magazine developed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Canadian citizenship. Citzine is a forum and information source designed to get young Canadians thinking and talking about what it means to be citizens of this country. The Canadian Council for Refugees is a non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.
Daily Page for ESL/EFL Teachers ESL Publishers. Exclusive Canadian distributors for Macmillan Heinemann, LTP, Delta Systems, Dominie Press, and more...
TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links (A categorized collection of teacher links.) E-mail for ESL/LINC Students (Based on a presentation at the 1998 TESL Ontario Conference by Claire Bradin)
CALL Links (A massive collection of computer-assisted language learning links)
Lingua Centre's ESL Teacher Resources on the Web
On-Line Resources and Journals: ELT, Linguistics, and Communication (A very complete collection of on-line resources.) English as a Second Language Home Page (Look for the Teacher's Corner) CLTA/Peel Halton LINC 4 and 5 Guidelines Reuter's English-on-the-Go Activities (Printable materials)
New York Times Daily Lesson Plan (Printable materials)
Cut and Paste JavaScript ... for Teachers (authoring tools)
Exam creation tool (authoring tool)
Desktop Video Conferencing CBC for Schools
The Great Canadian Quiz E-mail Communities (use this site to create a free mailing list with your class or colleagues) ENGLISH online - Materials for Teaching English A CU-SeeMe Reflector for Language Learning (seek out video conference partners here)
Learning Styles Links (use this site to create your own free web-based training materials) Internet Tutorial(s) Free Email Directory (listings of over 500 free email services)
Write On (on-line, that is) (used in a presentation at the 1999 TESL Ottawa Conference by Jim Edgar) Toronto Catholic District School Board with excellent resources for teachers.