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ESL Blue's Diagnostic Test

Very useful - gives you quizzes for your mistakes.

Transparent Languages Test
Tests in many languages. Find out what level you are.

Reward Interactive English Placement Test
Tells you what level English you should study.

Dublin School of English Grading Test

Mesa English Test
This exam determines your skill levels on English grammar and vocabulary.

Free Business English Test
Good News English Language Services offers this free test.

This online, evaluation test will determine your ability in English grammar. The 60 questions in this test are similar to those you find on a TOEIC test

Written Comprehension Test
This test evaluates how well you understand the English that you read.

English Language Proficiency Assessment
Grammar and Vocabulary tests. Really tough!

Churchill House Assessment Exams (main test page)

Berlitz Online Test

Placement Tests in many languages. Asks for your email and personal information and sends you the results later. You don't get the result right away


  Subject Specific Tests

Test your Prepositions

This is a Microsoft Word document. You can download or print it.


Test-Taking Strategies


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